Pocket Manifesto

“No pocketless people have ever been great since pockets were invented”

New York Times, 28 August 1899

Are you held back by poor pockets? Does the tyranny of fake pockets and tiny pockets mean you always have to carry a bag? Join the liberation – Pocket Manifesto and the People’s Pocket Improvement Programme!

Pocket Manifesto – we believe that:

  • Pockets are a basic human right that should be unfettered by fashion
  • A bag is not a pocket
  • Emancipation will happen one pocket at a time

We invite all passionate pocketeers to join us and deliver the Pocket Manifesto through the People’s Pocket Improvement Programme:

  • We will embiggen the tiny pocket
  • We will fight the immorality of the fake pocket
  • We will provide pockets for the pocketless

Wherever, whenever, however – pocket up! And if you can, attach the label 👇👇👇

pocket manifesto label