Wisterlitz is the joint enterprise of Liz Lister and Rebecca (Becky) Hurwitz. We make work that creates imaginative, whimsical and playful ways for people to engage with science, scientists and scientific ideas.

This is them here:


On the left of this picture we have Liz – STEM educator, WI member, trombonist extraordinaire, baker of bread and maker of things. She loves space and has an uncanny knowledge of UK’s train infrastructure and timetabling.

On the right of the picture there is Becky – failed scientist, former software developer and almost animator. She is inescapably drawn to things no-one else has noticed while being generally oblivious to the things they have. This is probably why, despite having not one drop of Scottish blood, she developed an obsession with learning to play the bagpipes.

Our creative endeavours revolve around the process of making – defined as an iterative process of tinkering and problem solving – done in collaboration. Together, we learn how materials respond as we use them and what tools can do as we try to work with them. We do our research, play around with stuff and collaborate on *everything*. We find it works best that way. And it’s a lot more fun with two.

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