Pocket Manifesto

We are launching our new work “Pocket Manifesto” at the 2019 Larkhall Festival.

Fed up of clothes with pockets too small, too few, or too fake to carry your hand-sized personal possessions? Then you need Pocket Manifesto! Join the People’s Pocket Improvement Programme and help us challenge this parlous pocket problem.
Bring your own clothes to improve or pimp some pockets on clothes destined for Mercy In Action. You can also try and pick a lucky pocket, rifle through a brief history of pockets and help uncover the role of modern pockets by revealing what you keep in yours.

Pocket Manifesto explores the historical and contemporary place of pockets in society, including direct action to address the inequities of pocket provision.

Find us at the Festival on 4th & 5th May 2019 on the mezzanine of New Oriel Hall (BA1 6RA) between 1pm & 4pm.


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