It’s 2018 for heaven’s sake!

Recently, we spent some time thrashing out ideas for new creative projects:

  • We are piling up new ideas for a film featuring the marvellous contributions to humanity made by the wee creature, Galleria mellonella;
  • We have begun talks with the delightful Thommie Gillow about a new collaboration that will highlight the stories of some lesser cited mighty women;
  • We have been mightily inspired by the March Of Robots illustrations by Liz’s old pal Danni Smith – p’raps some model making and little movies?

We also have fixed up Moonbrella ready for installation at Larkhall Festival this year.

However we don’t have a new project on the go at the moment, because, well, life. Just before Christmas 2017, Liz had to move house in super double quick time. The first place viewed had a great big garage with an old old wooden workbench with vices and drawers full of old stuff. Sold! So now this place is being gradually transformed into the new Wisterlitz workshop – hopefully ready for projects soon.

If you want us, we are here. We now come with cards and stickers. Woohoo!

business cards


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