Mrs Somerville’s Monument LIVES!

Mesdames Wisterlitz are proud to announce the birth of their latest creation – Mrs Somerville’s Monument.

The gestation period was short but frenetic, with numerous changes of minds, deep discussions about the meanings of things, manic laughter at in-jokes and ALL THE TEA.

The birth was a joyous occasion, but accompanied by a slight feeling of “what the hell are we going to do now it’s done?!”

So here it is.

We welcome comments in the same way that a doting mother welcomes a teacher passing judgement on their darling child at parents’ evening – deep down we know and we need to hear it said out loud in order for it to sink in properly, but that won’t stop us from loving it.

Update 1/4/17 – the link to the film has been changed to take you to a slightly more polished version that we are submitting to film festivals.


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