2016 wasn’t all bad…


Yes we done a Brexit, yes Trumpy Trumperson won an election, yes Syria is hell on hell, yes everybody you loved as a child has died. But 2016 also heralded the birth of Wisterlitz , and that made us all* happy.

*By “us all” I mean me (Liz) and her (Becky). 2 out of 7 billion… well, it’s a start. But its important that it did start, and start it did. This year. This year. That’s 2016 for crying out loud!

So a brief moment of reflection. What just happened?

  • Becky and I decided to make a film in order to enter the inaugural Bristol Science Film Festival. This gave us some idea of what we might make a film about and a deadline, and these things proved useful as we are both terrible for talking a lot and then…
  • That film (and *that* song) went quite well so we kept on talking, exploring ideas and looking for things we could do. Wisterlitz Productions was born as a promise to ourselves that we would keep doing stuff together.
  • The Redemption of the Magic Cone Snail went up on the big screen in Bristol and we made a bit of money selling handmade, limited edition, slightly sticky snail badges to stoned students and baffled passers-by.
  • The British Science Festival’s Creatures of the Night show in Swansea gave us our next opportunity. For this we created Moonbrella – a collaboration between Wisterlitz and the almighty Thommie Gillow. Curators Shrinking Space put a lot of faith into the Moonbrella idea, and this was a great boost to our confidence (even if it was a little terrifying). Moonbrella was awesome, a delight.
  • Kind of as a £5 bet to ourselves we entered our film in to the London Short Film Festival. It got picked up! 2 screenings in early 2017 at the Hackney Picturehouse.
  • Science Showoff at the Grain Barge in Bristol gave us another opportunity to fill a room with umbrellas and poetry. This time we went with live readings by the still almightly Thommie who was a shining star of joy that night.

So without much of what a business mentor might call a plan, we’ve managed to make a reasonable amount of progress in 2016. Looking forward to 2017 there’s our next film project (Mrs Somerville’s Monument), lots of thoughts of how we might bring a community together via the medium of making, a hope that Sunbrella might find a patron, and… well who knows? Obviously there is a plan. The plan is to do things that sound interesting and that we might enjoy. That worked for us in 2016 and that was a vintage year.


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