Welcome to the Wisterlitz site

This site is part of the start of Liz Lister and Becky Hurwitz dipping their toes into more creative waters to make and share fun, communicative and thought-provoking work.

The idea was born on one of several trips abroad while we were working on a European science education project (TEMI –  it’s quite cool. You can see it here: teachingmysteries.eu). As you might guess from the nature of that project, both of us work in science communication/science education. We see and do a lot of the same old stuff so this is our attempt to use what we know about communication and engagement to do something different.

We spent a bit of time exploring the types of things we might want to do and how we could work and waiting for a suitable opportunity to come along.

Now, we have once completed project and one work in progress in our portfolio. They both happen to be science-related – and about the people behind the science. So perhaps that is where we will end up taking this. Or perhaps it isn’t…


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